We are all Protectors

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post!

I decided to begin my blog with this image of ‘The Protector’ as I feel that, in many ways, this painting is a symbol of who I am and who I want to be as an artist. Painted at the beginning of 2016, I wanted her to symbolise my hope for the world and felt her to be a visual metaphor of how animal advocates, activists, carers, vegans, and other kind and compassionate people feel they are. I believe we all feel like we are holding these animals in our arms and sheltering them from the harm that our fellow humans often inflict on them. This painting focuses on some of the animals who are eaten, hunted and tested on – the animals who are so vulnerable to the whims of the human race, yet also so loved by so many of us.  I did not expect the response that I got when I first revealed her online. So many people related to The Protector. The response felt exciting to me as an artist – after many years of not much attention or recognition but most of all it felt (and still feels) wonderful that there are so many humans that feel as I do and this number is growing. This gives me hope for the world and inspires me to keep planting seeds of compassion with each painting I make.