A world of colour and fascination lies within

The works of Lynda Bell are colourful explosions of Animals and Humans, sometimes combined, sometimes worlds where just Animals reside and rule without fear

There’s a very special quality about Lynda’s artwork. As a long time Vegan, her passion for Animals, and their recognition as sentient, equal beings is so evident in her artworks. An accomplished Artist in her own right, Lynda brings her artworks together here for you to enjoy.

Immerse yourself in these complex images, that challenge us to consider how we can align ourselves more closely with our Animal friends, to create a world of harmony, love, and inclusion, without fear or hatred.

Lynda’s works are available as fine art prints in her store – click here to view.

Animal Worlds

Animal Portraits

Vegan Messages

The Godmothers

These very special women have wrapped their protective arms around the Animal Kingdom, in an effort to shield them from the harm that Humans do to both the Animal, and its habitat. Be challenged by The Godmothers and their message of pure love. Like all Mothers, their maternal instincts are strong for their Animal wards.

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Animal – Human Connections

There’s nothing more beautiful than a world where Animals and Humans live in harmony, and are treated equally and with the same love and compassion. This is where that world can be found, and you can be a part of it right here. Lynda’s hope for this reality is beautifully illustrated here.

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Original Art for Sale

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