Take a journey through fairy tale worlds

Lynda Bell’s art is a world where animals and humans collide harmoniously in a burst of colour

There is no doubting Lynda’s passion for animals and art. These two loves are brought together here for you to enjoy.

It’s true that the world is a changing place. Unrest stirs in every corner, and sometimes the potential to create positive change feels limited. Lynda’s art work brings the focus back to simpler places – places we have far greater control over – Ourselves.

As a vegan artist, Lynda’s art portrays a closeness between humans and animals that can only be envied. Using fairy tale style imagery, with bright colours, and animals both real and imagined, we are reminded that true beauty is endless in nature. By redefining our relationship with animals, understanding the meaning behind sentience, and acting as their guardians rather than their hunters, the possibility for change is endless. At the end of the day, it’s all about Love.

Find out more about Lynda and her work by clicking here, or visiting the About Lynda page using the link above.